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May 23, 2016: Yesterday

3:03 PM pleumann created by pleumann
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12:34 PM Ticket #12777 (Running upgrade db2 failed: relation "codereviews" does not exist) closed by Cinc-th
fixed: Glad to hear installation succeeded.

May 22, 2016:

10:26 PM Ticket #12782 (Reviewers group can not contains sub groups) created by ntmlod
I set up the 'developer' group gathering few other groups and a …
4:02 PM Changeset [15557] by Cinc-th
  • peerreviewplugin/trunk/codereview/model.py

PeerReviewPlugin: new upgrade mechanism

  • Create database tables directly for first time installs instead of performing each upgrade step. This fails for backends other than SQLite.
  • don't try to upgrade ancient versions of the plugin. If you use such a version create a support ticket.

May 21, 2016:

4:46 AM Ticket #12781 (Allow field's labels and names in first line of csv file) created by jun66j5
After trac:#11762, csv/tsv export couldn't be used for this plugin. …

May 19, 2016:

6:00 AM Ticket #12780 (Email address containing a wiki page name followed by a dot will match ...) created by rjollos
Demonstrated in #12779, an email address such as …
12:45 AM Ticket #12779 (RSS error - NameError: global name 'Chrome' is not defined) closed by rjollos
fixed: In 15556: […]
12:45 AM Changeset [15556] by rjollos
  • discussionplugin/0.11/tracdiscussion/core.py
  • discussionplugin/1.0/tracdiscussion/core.py

0.9dev/0.10dev: Fix missing import of Chrome

Patch by kevin.winahradsky@….

Fixes #12779.

12:12 AM Ticket #12779 (RSS error - NameError: global name 'Chrome' is not defined) created by kevin.winahradsky@…
It appears that core.py is missing a {{{from trac.web.chrome import …

May 18, 2016:

10:20 PM Changeset [15555] by rjollos
  • technicalplugin

Hack TechnICAlPlugin deleted by rjollos

9:32 PM Changeset [15554] by rtrtrtrtttrtrt
  • technicalplugin
  • technicalplugin/1.0

New hack TechnICAlPlugin, created by rtrtrtrtttrtrt

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May 17, 2016:

10:08 PM TicketToSalesforcePlugin edited by chriswolf
Fix small typos in description. (diff)
6:58 PM Ticket #12773 (Template description not loaded for new ticket) closed by rjollos
1:34 PM mehdiru created by mehdiru
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