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Jul 18, 2017:

11:31 PM boucher5767 created by Kevin
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10:07 PM Changeset [16716] by Ryan J Ollos
  • multiselectfieldplugin/1.0/multiselectfield/__init__.py
  • multiselectfieldplugin/1.0/multiselectfield/filter.py
  • multiselectfieldplugin/1.0/setup.cfg
  • multiselectfieldplugin/1.0/setup.py

TracMultiSelectField 1.0.2: Tidy up codebase

Refs #13244.

8:12 PM Ticket #13244 (MultiSelectFieldPlugin - Static Assets Not Included on Page) created by grimmdude
I'm running into an issue where most of the time this plugin works …
4:15 PM Changeset [16715] by Ryan J Ollos
  • tracticketstatsplugin/branches/0.11
  • tracticketstatsplugin/branches/0.12

Remove empty directories

9:38 AM Ticket #13243 (MailArchivePlugin - Some inline images / attachments can not be viewed due to %0D%0A in URL) created by anonymous
One email had an inline image (in HTML source `<img …

Jul 17, 2017:

11:02 PM CookBook/AccountManagerPluginConfiguration edited by Ryan J Ollos
Need to disable Trac's LoginModule. (diff)
10:19 PM Tag change on TracAsciidoctorPlugin by Ryan J Ollos
Tags 1.2 added
12:47 PM Ticket #13242 (TracAsciidoctorPlugin - Support Asciidoctor everywhere in Trac) created by mljrg@…
Asciidoctor is an emerging standard that is being adopted for …
8:36 AM zhaodx created by zhaodx
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4:10 AM Changeset [16714] by Ryan J Ollos
  • accountmanagerplugin/trunk/acct_mgr/web_ui.py

TracAccountManager 0.5dev: Trap ConfigurationError instantiating ResetPwStore

Jul 15, 2017:

7:31 PM BadContent edited by Jun Omae

Jul 14, 2017:

11:52 AM Ticket #13239 (AdvancedTicketWorkflowPlugin - AdvancedTicketWorkflowPlugin needs updating to work with Trac 1.3.1) created by Jon Ashley
The plugin won't load in Trac 1.3.1, because it attempts to use the …
6:36 AM TicketImportPlugin edited by Jun Omae
add information for Trac 1.0+ (diff)
6:31 AM Ticket #13238 (TicketImportPlugin - Use new database api since Trac 1.0) closed by Jun Omae
fixed: In 16713: […]
6:31 AM Changeset [16713] by Jun Omae
  • ticketimportplugin/1.0
  • ticketimportplugin/1.0/setup.py
  • ticketimportplugin/1.0/talm_importer/__init__.py
  • ticketimportplugin/1.0/talm_importer/compat.py
  • ticketimportplugin/1.0/talm_importer/importer.py

TicketImportPlugin: use new database api since Trac 1.0 (closes #13238)

6:22 AM Changeset [16712] by Jun Omae
  • ticketimportplugin/0.11/setup.py
  • ticketimportplugin/0.11/talm_importer/__init__.py
  • ticketimportplugin/0.11/talm_importer/processors.py

TicketImportPlugin: require Trac>=0.12,<1.3 and remove uses of Ticket.time_changed property

5:46 AM Ticket #13238 (TicketImportPlugin - Use new database api since Trac 1.0) created by Jun Omae
TicketImportPlugin with Trac 1.3.x doesn't work. Should use new …
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