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Aug 19, 2017: Yesterday

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Aug 18, 2017:

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4:51 PM Ticket #13259 (MasterTicketsPlugin - Upgrade process fails) created by anonymous
[…] fails with: […] It happens at else clause of upgrade at …

Aug 17, 2017:

12:54 PM CkEditorPlugin edited by figaro
Remove plugin from title (diff)
12:52 PM TracWysiwygPlugin edited by figaro
Further cosmetic changes (diff)
9:13 AM Ticket #9895 (TracWysiwygPlugin - WYSIWYG editor doesn't resize) closed by Jun Omae
fixed: In 16729: […]
9:13 AM Changeset [16729] by Jun Omae
  • tracwysiwygplugin/0.12/setup.py
  • tracwysiwygplugin/0.12/tracwysiwyg/htdocs/wysiwyg.js

TracWysiwyg/ fix editor not resizable in collapsed ticket form (closes #9895)

Aug 16, 2017:

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4:12 PM Ticket #12088 (Request-a-Hack - Email-less Internal Notification System Plugin) closed by Ryan J Ollos
worksforme: See OnSiteNotificationsPlugin.
3:40 PM TicketImportPlugin edited by figaro
Typo (diff)
9:44 AM Changeset [16728] by Cauly
  • accreditationplugin/trunk/Accreditation/Accreditation.py
  • accreditationplugin/trunk/Accreditation/db_default.py
  • accreditationplugin/trunk/setup.py

add support for trac 1.2 or later.
add support for other databases.
(see #13258)

Aug 15, 2017:

9:49 PM Ticket #5690 (Request-a-Hack - WikiProcessor for POD formatted text) closed by Ryan J Ollos
wontfix: Seems like it should be implemented by extending PerlPodMacro.
9:48 PM Ticket #5576 (Request-a-Hack - Gettext plugin to allow online translations) closed by Ryan J Ollos
9:47 PM Ticket #4951 (Request-a-Hack - Work log plugin) closed by Ryan J Ollos
9:47 PM Ticket #1535 (Request-a-Hack - Export Wiki pages to HTML) closed by Ryan J Ollos
9:46 PM Ticket #5578 (Request-a-Hack - Autosave (or save as draft) for wiki pages) closed by Ryan J Ollos
9:45 PM Ticket #1020 (Request-a-Hack - Auto-backup (hotcopy) with "overwrite" function) closed by Ryan J Ollos
9:45 PM Ticket #1619 (Request-a-Hack - Link Milestones with Wiki pages) closed by Ryan J Ollos
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