Character Entity Macro


The EntityMacro package returns HTML 4.01 numeric character entity references from their corresponding names.

The character entity data is straight out of the DTD for HTML 4.01, so if there are errors or ommissions, please refer to the W3C.

See: Character entity references in HTML 4 for more information.

Calling the macro like so: [[Entity(name)]] returns the value. If no name matches, it returns an empty string. Names are case-sensitive, in other words, aacute is not the same code point as Aacute. Keyword syntax is also supported: [[Entity(name=name)]].

The macro is useful in any wiki formatted page.

Also see the WikiGoodiesPlugin, which supports smileys, HTML 4.0 entities (named entities and numerical entities), automatic replacement of common text idioms by their corresponding symbols, such as arrows, fractions, etc.


  • Browse the source at: GitHub.
  • Public clone URL:
    git clone git://


Download the zipped source. Unzip the archive to a temporary location, visit the 0.11 directory and run:

python bdist_egg
cp dist/*.egg /trac/env/Project/plugins


Enable the macro in your /trac/env/Project/conf/trac.ini file:

entity.* = enabled

You may have to restart your Web server.



Both of these examples will return », the guillemet ».

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