Store report and query result to wiki as a static snapshot


Store report and query result to wiki as a static snapshot.

(ja-JP) クエリの結果をWikiに保存します。 WikiのDiff機能を使えば、過去の状態との比較ができますね。

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Recent Changes

12704 by matobaa on 2013-03-10 15:22:25
closes #10920, included license text for
ContextChromePlugin, EpochFieldPlugin, FieldTooltipPlugin, HideFieldChangesPlugin, MsSqlBackendPlugin, NeighborPagePlugin, QueryUiAssistPlugin, ShowWhenMacro, SnapshotPlugin, StatusHistoryChartMacro, and TracLinksPlugin.
12601 by matobaa on 2013-02-07 00:23:55
SnapshotPlugin: a bug fixed. error bypassed when SQL has error
12524 by matobaa on 2013-01-11 16:58:36
SnapshotPlugin: PEP8 cleanup


Author: matobaa
Maintainer: Matoba Akihiro

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