Admin Panels for Custom Fields

CustomSelectAdminPlugin is not maintained. CustomFieldAdminPlugin is suggested as an alternative.


The CustomSelectAdmin plugin generates custom admin panels for each custom ticket field that is of type 'select'. These custom panels look and behave very similar to the 'Components', 'Milestones', etc. panels.

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Download the zipped source from here.


You can check out CustomSelectAdminPlugin from here using Git, or browse the source.


Follow the usual installation steps, as described on the TracPlugins page.

Add the following lines to your trac.ini file:

CustomSelectAdmin.* = enabled

You need to create a section [components] in this file, if it does not exist.

If you do not have access to trac.ini, but do have the TRAC_ADMIN permission (the Admin panel shows up in the main nav when you're logged in), you can go to the Plugins section within the Admin area and check 'Enabled' next to CustomSelectAdmin.


Within the [ticket-custom] section you can add an additional field, with a pattern similar to (FIELDNAME).panel = (PANELTITLE), to specify what string will display on the left-hand panel selection area inside the Trac Admin section:

workcode = select
workcode.label = Work Code
workcode.options = W001 | W002
workcode.value = Plugin
workcode.panel = Work Codes


Author: jetheis
Maintainer: none (deprecated)

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