A plugin for exporting Wiki pages as raw LaTeX (.tex)

Notice: This plugin does not and can not work on Trac 0.10 without much extra work -- see t:#2296#comment:16


This plugin, like PageToPdfPlugin, uses the new content conversion API in Trac's trunk to export Wiki pages to LaTeX source (.tex). The link appears in the Download in other formats list at the bottom of Wiki pages.

This plugin uses an unstable inheritance hack of Trac's official Wiki Formatter (ticket on Edgewall).

Bugs/Feature Requests

You will likely get this bug.

Existing bugs and feature requests for PageToLatexPlugin are (todo).

If you have any issues, email the author.


Download the gzipped source from the attachment.


You can examine PageToLatexPlugin by downloading it and opening it up in a text editor.


General instructions on installing Trac plugins can be found on the TracPlugins page.

Recent Changes

Added a "patch" against 0.9.6 that I had floating around. 0.10 is doomed to fail and unmaintainability because the formatting logic that does tickets, changesets, etc has been moved out of the wiki Formatter and into plugin logic, hence we cannot override the methods! As at 0.9 this wasn't yet done, but I also haven't added all the "features" from the 0.10 plugin into the "patch" against 0.9.6.

Included is a Makefile -- sudo make install will, after a --dry-run, add and replace in $(PYTHONPATH)/site-packages/trac/wiki then byte-compile.



Trent Apted


Martin von Gagern submitted a patch to fix a bug that crops up with Trac >= 0.10.3; now attached. I'll possibly incorporate this properly but, ideally, for v0.10 I would like to fix the problems at which need a complete re-think -- probably a recursive descent parser to generate a DOM, seeing how we can no longer hook into the core parsing logic reliably.

-- Trent Apted 2007-05-03


Same with me i too tried to export in Latex but it gaved me exaclty same bug Any solution


See also the ticket on Edgewall: pagetolatexplugin.tar.gz

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