Provides forms anywhere where there is a wiki


This plugin allows you to add a form on any Trac wiki page, see for a comprehensive example below. This is meant to provide a more flexible version of TracFormsPlugin. For a comparison between the two plugins, see here.

Bugs/Feature Requests

Existing bugs and feature requests for WikiFormsPlugin are here.

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Download the zipped source from here.


You can check out WikiFormsPlugin from here using Subversion, or browse the source with Trac.


Normal wiki formatted stuff...


== Selects

|| '''Description''' || '''Example'''                                      || '''Value'''
|| simple select     || <tf>select:simple_select:1 2 3 4</tf>              || <tf>value:simple_select</tf>
|| labeled select    || <tf>select:labeled_select:1=l1 2=l2 3=l3 4=l4</tf> || <tf>value:labeled_select</tf>
|| quoted select     || <tf>select:quoted_select:'"a"' "'b'" 'c c'</tf>    || <tf>value:quoted_select</tf>
|| complex select    || <tf>select:complex_select:
# keep in mind that 
#  - comments are removed
#  - newlines are replaced with '' (empty string)
# prior to parsing. After all those the preformatting the 
# fields still have to be separated by whitespace to be distinguishable.
# Further cfg-options are:
#   default 
#   class
#   id
value0                            # label = value
 'v a l u e 1'                    # label = value, both containing whitespace
        value2='l a b e l 2'      # 
 'v a l u e 3'=label3             # 
 'val ue4'="lab el4"
 default=value2                   # this is the cfg option (not an entry for the selector-list)...
 :                                # separator, from now on everything becomes a selector-list entry even if the name matches a cfg-option
</tf>                                                                      || <tf>value:complex_select</tf>

== Checkboxes

|| '''Description''' || '''Example'''                                      || '''Value'''
|| simple checkbox   || <tf>checkbox:simple_checkbox</tf>                  || <tf>value:simple_checkbox</tf>
|| complex checkbox  || <tf>checkbox:complex_checkbox:
# Further cfg-options are:
# checked  : flag ('1','true' 'on' 'yes') used if there is no database entry available...
# value    : value stored when checkbox is checked
# class 
# id 
</tf>                                                                      || <tf>value:complex_checkbox</tf>

== Inputs

|| '''Description''' || '''Example'''                                      || '''Value'''
|| simple input      || <tf>input:simple_input</tf>                        || <tf>value:simple_input</tf>
|| complex input     || <tf>input:complex_input:
# Further cfg-options are:
# value    : default value if no database entry is available
# size     : width in characters (defaults to 22)
# class 
# id 
value="   'foo'   "'"bar" 'baz  
</tf>                                                                      || <tf>value:complex_input</tf>

== Radios

|| '''Description''' || '''Example'''                                                                                                                                     || '''Value'''
|| simple radio      || <tf>radio:simple_radio:value='beer'</tf> [[BR]]<tf>radio:simple_radio:value=milk checked=true</tf> [[BR]] <tf>radio:simple_radio:value=water</tf> || <tf>value:simple_radio</tf>
|| complex radio     || <tf>radio:complex_radio:
# Further cfg-options are:
# checked  : flag ('1','true' 'on' 'yes') used if there is no database entry available...
# value    : value stored when this radio is selected
# class 
# id 
</tf> [[BR]] <tf>radio:complex_radio:
value=dummy2</tf>                                                                                                                                                         || <tf>value:complex_radio</tf>

== Text areas

|| '''Description''' || '''Example'''                 || '''Value'''
|| simple text       || <tf>textarea:simple_text</tf> || <tf>value:simple_text</tf>
|| complex text      || <tf>textarea:complex_text:
# Further cfg-options are:
# rows     : defaults to 2
# cols     : defaults to 10
# value    : default value if no database entry is available, defaults to ''
# class 
# id 
cols=30 rows=5 value='Please fill your
in here'</tf>                                          || <tf>value:complex_text</tf>

== Submit Buttons

|| '''Description''' || '''Example'''
|| simple button     || <tf>submit</tf>
|| complex button    || <tf>submit:
# label    : label on the button, defaults to 'Send'
# class 
# id 

== Query Stuff

# to have a value which is always there...

=== Without Formatting

|| '''Value'''  || <tf>value:to_be_queried</tf>
|| '''Who'''    || <tf>who:to_be_queried</tf>
|| '''When'''   || <tf>when:to_be_queried</tf>

=== With Formatting

|| '''Value''' (in bold)  || '''<tf>value:to_be_queried</tf>'''
|| '''Who''' (underlined) || __<tf>who:to_be_queried</tf>__
|| '''When''' (in italic) || ''<tf>when:to_be_queried</tf>''


== Debug Stuff

# set an relative field

# set an absolute field


# dump fields...

Normal wiki formatted stuff...

New Include Feature

Let's assume you have a wiki page named 'sandbox':





({{ c }})


If you call it like this:

[[WikiFormInclude(sandbox:a=1 b=2 c=' " ' d='a b c d')]]

all defined values are replaced and the resulting page is rendered as usual.

New Permission Feature

Think of an example like this:

region1 rw r /
region2 rw / /
region3 / / r

<f>permission:change:                                            # default access is none                          </f>
<f>permission:change: +rw     : user in admin_user1,admin_user2  # admin user gets additionally read/write access  </f>
<f>permission:change: +r      : user in user1 , user2            # normal user get additionally read access        </f>
<f>permission:alias : region1                                    # save this as permission for region 1            </f>

<f>permission:change:                                            # default access is none                          </f>
<f>permission:change: +rw     : user in admin_user1,admin_user2  # admin user gets read/write access               </f>
<f>permission:alias : region2                                    # save this as permission for region 2            </f>

<f>permission:change:  r                                         # default access is read                          </f>
<f>permission:change: -r      : user in admin_user1,admin_user2  # admin user should not see default message       </f>
<f>permission:change: -r      : user in user1 , user2            # normal user should not see default message      </f>
<f>permission:alias : region3                                    # save this as permission for region 3            </f>

<f>checkbox:approval1</f>  This is region 1 (rw for admin-user, r for normal-user, hidden for others)

<f>checkbox:approval2</f>  This is region 2 (rw for admin-user, hidden for normal-user and others)

<f>checkbox:approval3</f>  This is region 3 (hidden for admin- and normal-user, r for others)

Permissions might be based on the state of a ticket or milestone like this:


<f>permission:change:-w:ticket_state 42 in closed         # ticket with id=42 has to exist!    </f>

|| <f>checkbox:approval:checked=true</f>                             || (read-only if #42 is in closed state)
|| <f>input:comment:value='Please fill in your comment' size=50</f>  || (read-only if #42 is in closed state)

<f>permission:change:-w:milestone_is_complete 'my next milestone'   # milestone with name='my next milestone' has to exist!              </f> 

<f>checkbox:approval:checked=true</f>  (read-only if milestone is completed)

New Notification feature

Sometimes users want to be informed via email if a form is updated, eg when form is at review checklist.

The new notify-tag supports this:

<tf>notify:mail_to="comma separated list of mail addresses to be notified" subject="subject of notification e-mail"    body="optional information included into the notification e-mail"</tf>

A real life example: The svn-post-commit hook appends the following review checklist call to the check-in comment:

[[WikiFormInclude(checklists/commit_review/v1:mail_to=foo@bar revision=r1234)]]

The called checklist contains the following notify-tag:

<tf>notify:mail_to={{mail_to}} subject="Commit Review {{revision}} Updated"</tf>

Recent Changes

15696 by rjollos on 2016-08-12 04:35:55
0.3dev: Fix indentation

This is a follow-on to r14958.

Patch by endre.gabriel@….

Refs #10775, Fixes #12841.

14959 by rjollos on 2015-10-19 22:06:04
0.3dev: Fix incorrect date formatting.

There are extensive problems with date and time handling in the codebase, but this changes fixes a traceback with KeyError: 'utc'.

Thanks to falkb for the report.

Fixes #10775.

14958 by rjollos on 2015-10-19 21:54:11
0.3dev: Convert tabs to spaces and strip whitespace

Some PEP-0008 fixes were made, but more could be done.

Refs #10775.



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Maintainer: asic_druide

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